Plymouth Notch Produce's

Unique, Hand-Crafted Herb and Spice Blends, Condiments, and Sauces

About Me

Terry Bascom

Farmer, Owner

Welcome to my boutique farm-to-table store where I share the herb and spice blends, condiments, and sauces that I have developed to complement my homegrown heritage vegetables, grains, and chicken (supplemented by local pasture-raised beef, pork, and lamb). These blends are at the heart of the savory international "peasant cuisine" that graces my plate and tickles my palate daily. 

Fresh spices make a dramatic difference in the flavor (and nutritive value) of food. If you have only ever purchased herbs and spices from the grocery or healthy food store, you are in for a treat when you cook with my blends. And in case you are not sure how to use them, as I add blends I provide recipes that I have collected from traditional cultures across the globe. These are meals I make and enjoy at home on a daily basis.

I source my herbs and spices from a small, family-owned California company with international roots, and choose organic wherever possible (unfortunately, it's not always possible). I purchase in frequent small batches, which I blend and package immediately because I am committed to maintaining as fresh a supply of ground herbs and spices as possible - in order to preserve the quality and nutritional value of the final blend. 

The way I do it is more work, and more expense. But that’s how I prepare these blends for my own use, and I won’t give you less quality than I demand for my own table. The difference in taste makes it all worthwhile. So if you have an adventurous palate, come along on my taste-treat ride through American traditional and world-spanning Ethnic cuisine. I’m starting slowly, but over time I will build out the range of blends I offer, and expand the number of healthy recipes that you can prepare with them.


Plymouth, VT 05056